Or in English, I like to cook. So much that I went and purchased an oven! But don’t go thinking it’s a full-sized oven, because it’s not. In Japan, I think most people don’t have the typical oven people are used to in the U.S.

Amish white bread.

So what did I buy? A “small” convection oven that doubles as a microwave and, I think, steamer. With it I’ve been able to bake bread, cookies and cook up a wonderful pork tenderloin roast.

Brioche rolls, great for burgers.

Back around the end of March, I also attended a 合コン (ごうこん), or Japanese-style matchmaking party. An equal number of men and women show up for dinner as a restaurant, and get to meet each other. It’s sort of like speed dating, but without the speediness. It’s much more leisurely, and anywhere from 6 – 10 people, I believe, on average. The one I attended was 4 total, because one or two guys bailed out. =/

It was an interesting experience, and not painful. I say that because many Japanese I’ve talked to don’t often enjoy goukon. They think of it as a bother or even they feel obligated to go to due to peer pressure. But I enjoyed it because the food was good, I knew at least one other person there already, and it was a great excuse to use Japanese for a few hours.

April 29 – May 6 here is my company’s Golden Week. Basically, the company (and much of Japan) shuts down for that week and people travel. Myself, I’m heading to Taiwan… on my own! I’ll be sure to write about it sometime afterward.

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