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Chiptunes and Blip Fest Tokyo

Welcome to Blip Festival Tokyo!

Back on Sept. 4 and 5, I attend the inaugural Blip Festival Tokyo concert. I’ve followed chiptune music off and on for about a year now, but had never attended a concert.

A cover version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Oh, what is chiptune music? It seems there are several definitions, but what I tell people is the creation of music using old videogame hardware. That is, using the sound processors from the Game Boy, NES, Atari, Commodore and other systems to create new tunes. Perhaps the most well-known name from the scene is Anamanaguchi, a group that most recently composed the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim: The Video Game. They were not at this show though. Continue reading Chiptunes and Blip Fest Tokyo