PSP really has games

So this year I’ve reviewed a handful of games for Sony’s ill-received child, the PlayStation Portable.  Upon introduction to the market, I heard that the only game worth playing was Lumines.

Fast-foward a year, I demo a game or two in-store to find that to still be true.  Fast-foward again to this year, and there have been some decent games coming out for the system. Crush, Ratchet & Clank, Chili con Carnage (a guilty pleasure), Jeanne D’arc, and now I’m working my way through Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow.

I think it’s great the system is finally having some worthy games coming out, and Sony is even relaunching, sort of, the PSP itself with the new slim model. It’s just sad it has taken more than two years for it to finally be a worthwhile purchase.

Now, I’ve never played a Syphon Filter game in the past, but I heard they were fun to play through.  Well, this  game, the sixth in the series, proves that “hearing” true. When I play the game, I oftentimes find it hard to put down.  It was a plot, though not the best (but better than the constantly re-hashed Zelda plotline). You’re a special ops guy out to save the world without getting killed. Typical spy stuff.

I love the ability to sneak around and pick enemies off one by one by shooting them in the head from around corners, or to just storm into the place with your AK-47 blazing. There are times, though, when you must sneak around. If you don’t do that, no worries. If you die, you simply restart from where you were, no punishment involved. It’s kind of nice, but it really reduces the difficulty factor.

I remember when games were something that required time, dedication and skill… but that’s a post for a different time.

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