November conclusion

With most of the season’s games now on shelves, gamers shouldn’t be in any position to complain about a lack of games to play.  Of course, when spring rolls around that could be a valid complaint, as publishers love to leave that time of the year high and dry.

I’ve recently received Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii) and Draglade (DS).  TC:SO has been great fun and expands  a little on the gameplay of the original and provides a great challenge.  Draglade I haven’t really touched.  I also received Mass Effect (X360), however, my Xbox 360 died and I haven’t even opened the game.  =(

Last post, I mentioned five games I had received for reviewing.  Here’s a brief rundown on my thoughts of them.

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-am – Fun for fans of the show, though the levels are rather tedious and only worth playing through so you can advance the story, which sticks with the trademark humor of the show. Graphics are poor, controls are sluggish and frustrating. It does come with four full episodes of the show on the disc. Rent if you like the show.
  • Fish Tycoon – Do you like feed fish and then watching them for hours? This is the game for you. Otherwise, find something else. Unless you remember to navigate through cumbersome and slow menus to pause the game (start button won’t do it) , you’re going to have all your fish die.  All the time.
  • LifeSigns – It’s pretty cool to be able to feel up the patients and be told no, but the localization of the title is sub-par.  Dialogue doesn’t break well in text boxes, and the game has frozen on me a few times.  Getting to surgeries takes a while, and even then they don’t control as well as Trauma Center.  Rent if you likeTrauma Center, but don’t expect as much fun.
  • Super Mario Galaxy – The spiritual successor to Super Mario 64.  It’s fun and looks great.  One of the best parts is the orchestrated soundtrack.  It’s about time Nintendo did that.  The two-player mode can be frustrating if you have someone who plays it with you and is a dick.  The plot is weak and should’ve been expanded upon with Rosalina.  Worth a purchase.
  • Kane & Lynch – Interesting plot, buggy game with clipping and slowdown and boring gameplay.  Let’s hope the proposed Hollywood movie is better.

Other than NiGHTS coming out for Wii this December, I’m not sure there’s really anything else I look forward to for 2007.  Q1 of 2008 will give us Harvey Birdman (PS2/Wii/PSP) and Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) and Professor Layton (DS).  Hopefully there are some other titles worth picking up to ease the post-holiday drought.

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