Spam, not just a lunch meat

The other day, I decided to check out the RMo states.  You know, bandwidth, unused databases, file storage, etc.  I noticed that one of our e-mail addresses had 250 MBs in the inbox.  Wtf?  Sure, it was the e-mail account we use to collect e-mails for invalid addresses, but how could that be so large?

Well, it seems neither Rainman nor I had been checking it (I thought RM tidied it up once a week or so) for the past 13 months. So I logged in to the account to find 50,619 e-mails waiting for me. Holy shit. So I emptied it out without bothering to sort through it.

Two days passed and I checked the account again. Already, there were 200+ e-mails waiting.  I guess I should be thankful this isn’t a popular site, otherwise there could be a lot more spam coming to us. As it is, I average about 20 – 30 pieces a day.

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