Japan… efficient?

First off, this is not a bitchfest or a rant where I complain about life here. It’s merely me saying the following: People think Japan is hyper efficient and ultra technological. Why then, is it, that it takes about 6 – 7 weeks to have an internet connection installed to my house? From people I have talked to, this seems to be about par for the course.

In America, I don’t think I ever had to wait more than 3 weeks for a connection to be set up. OK, maybe 4, but that’s tops! So May 7 is the date of install, less it should change yet again.

In the past month I’ve taken tons of photos, which will be uploaded once I have a reliable internet connection; seen cherry blossoms for the first time; seen friends wasted drunk; missing videogames.

I have at least 300 pictures waiting to be uploaded. Sometime in May I will throw most of these up over at my SmugMug.

There are so many videogames right now I want to play. Not including the games I started before I left Texas, there are new ones I’m dying to play: Yakuza 3 (PS3), Cave Story (WiiWare), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (in May), Sonic 4 (sometime soon) and Super Street Fighter IV (PS3/360).

With the latter, I’m not sure whether I should pick up the game for PS3 or 360. I have both systems, and both have pros/cons.

Xbox 360
Pro: Almost everyone I know does online gaming on the 360; Both of my arcade fight sticks work on 360
Con: It’s the 360… which means I will have another RRoD soon enough, and I don’t really want to pay $100 to fix a piece of shit

PlayStation 3
Pro: Chance of a yellow light of death are much lower (read: more stable hardware)
Con: No one I know plays games online on the PS3 really; only one of my arcade fight sticks works on PS3

Back in Texas, I had a very nice TV I loved. A 32″ Sharp Aquos with an amazing refresh rate and only one dead pixel. While I can’t find the exact same model here, I found something that I think would be comparable, so I will probably snag it here in a few weeks. I’m really trying to wait until I receive my next paycheck, but if for some reason I can’t hold out for that, I’ll use some of my U.S. funds to purchase it… and get screwed over by the exchange rate in the process.

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