Internet has arrived

Two months to the day after arriving here in Yamaguchi, I had my internet installed and set up. Not having a reliable connection at my house was a little tough for me, but I realized I can handle it. So what did I do during this time to keep myself occupied? Well, I watched some videos, and of course I went out to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Thanks to my speedy ~35Mbps downstream and upstream connection, I’ll be throwing lots of them up pretty soon. So to begin, let’s look at some of the pics I took back on March 13.

Ryokuchi Kouen is but a three minute walk from my apartment. It’s famous for the sakura (cherry blossom) trees pictured here, though this was before they bloomed.

Here you can see the beginnings of some cherry blossoms. It was maybe 2 – 3 weeks afterward when it was in full bloom and the park fully transformed. Yes, I’ll post pictures with the place in full bloom… later. =)

I followed this rather large, paved pathway down a bit and came across some type of recreational center. Inside there’s a gymnasium or two, and sometimes festivals are held near and inside of it.

Of course, along the way I found a reflecting pond and palm tress.

And here’s the center. Yes, that’s Kirin as in Kirin Beer.

A cute dog belonging to a neighbor

This dog here is so cute, but annoying when it barks at times. Many people here in Japan own dogs, many of them either being welsh corgis or shiba inu.

There are probably another 200 or so pics I have to upload. In the meantime, please check out all of the pictures from this post here. I can’t wait to show more. Also, I think I’ll be changing up the look of the site here. I’m looking at new themes to use, so expect a few changes soon.

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