Ramblings of the week

Today is day 15 of P90X. It’s being going much better than I had anticipated. The downside is that I don’t get to eat nearly as many carbs as I’d like. I love bread, and being told I can only eat the equivalent of two slices of whole grain bread really sucks. I mean, I like whole grain bread (and I’m baking some tonight for the first time), but limiting my intake sucks. Especially when I made such delicious melonpan.

Last week, I became rather bored, so I found someone’s existing website and redid it entirely using CSS and HTML. I figured it’d be a good exercise to re-teach myself some things. During this process, I found that I prefer to work on coding the actual design versus designing the design. That is, if you ask me to draw something up, I won’t feel nearly as comfortable as being handed a layout and told to make it work. Maybe it’ll pass, or maybe that’s just how I am.

Now, print design I still like. =)

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