You want me to post?

I’ve had several people over the past few months asking me to post something on here, but when I ask what I should post, I’m met with silence.

I don’t mind writing on here, I really don’t. But when there’s really been little to nothing of no reasonable interest happening since the last one, I find it difficult to write.

I can give an update of what’s happened the past few months (started a temp job back on March 1, have had contract extended several times; studied Japanese, played some video games), but that’s pretty boring, in my opinion.

My student loan repayments have been progressing OK, though a bit slower than I’d like. Have about $2,800 left at the moment. All my loans combined started around $18,000 with repayment starting around June 2006, so I’d say I’ve made fairly decent progress. But to continue on pace, I’m saying this publicly: do not ask me to go do something that costs money if the entire outing will cost more than $10. Please. I appreciate the invites and offers of accompaniment, but I’m really on a budget. Now, I do like to go out and do things, and I do on occasion, but that’s because I’ve budgeted for it. I’m not trying to be cheap. I’m trying to pay off my loan ASAP and also get money saved for getting to Japan.

I’m not a fan of the temp work I’m doing. Well, let me clarify. The work itself isn’t enjoyable, but my supervisor is a really great person. Incredibly helpful, kind and understanding. My work consists of playing with Excel spreadsheets all day and playing around with survey evaluations for a program the company runs. Internet is really locked down, I’m forced to use Internet Explorer 7 (a browser more than four years old! AAGGGGGH!) and it’s not a social environment due to the arrangement of the cubicles. But it gets me money and closer to Japan, so I stick with it.

I continue to look for more enjoyable work, or at least work that pays the same AND gives benefits. Nothing sucks more than having no benefits and paid time off or paid holidays. Whenever I’m sick or there’s a holiday everyone else at the office gets paid for, I get nothing. It’s pretty crummy.

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