I made a huge Japanese-style pudding


Back in March, Rainman and I went to Japan for about a week. We ate lots of food, explored the city, and purchased King Pudding, a large 1.9-litre pudding mix, from a small shop in Akihabara, Tokyo. Fast forward to last weekend, and I finally got around to preparing this monstrosity.

For those not familiar with it, maybe you should watch this video.

Since watching the video, I’ve wanted to purchase one of these kits, but the cost has been prohibitive. Around $60 or to purchase and have it shipped over from online retailers.

This is the container everything comes in, and also what you chill it in

Well, we purchased one as mentioned, back in March. Rather than simply prepare it right away, we had to find a time when we’d have a lot of people over to try it out.

Having just come off the stove, I let it sit for a few mins before pouring into the bucket

Sunday night, I mixed it all up and let it cool overnight. Instructions are simple: You bring it all to a boil, then you pour it into the bucket and let it chill for at least 10 hours.

Here's what it looks like finished, before consumption

Monday, people came over. We grilled up food, drank a bit, and then I brought out the pudding. I was actually a little surprised some of my friends hadn’t seen the Giga Pudding clip before, so I had to explain what it was to them.

And here's what it looked like after we started to eat into it

I’m glad everyone was willing to try it. I must admit when it first came out that it was a little unsettling. The pudding mix itself seemed to have settled during the night in the fridge. This left to some spots being nothing more than a clear gelatin. It didn’t take away from the flavor at all though.

More pictures can be found here, as always: My SmugMug!

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