Ramen is truly a food of the (fat) gods

Tonkotsu ramen
Tonkotsu ramen is a truly amazing thing. Remember to drink the broth!

I finally got around to eating some ramen this stay in Japan. For those of you who don’t know, I love ramen.

Today I ate at a place that’s no more than a five-minute walk from where I’m staying. My old roommate, Yoshi, recommended I go as soon as possible. Well, I did. And it was amaaazing.

Did I mention it was cheap, too? 600 yen for the standard bowl of ramen.

I mention this, because in all of Texas, I’ve only had good ramen twice. Once at a food truck in Austin that closed down this summer, and at a new place that opened up a month ago, also in Austin. But there a bowl of ramen was something like $9 or $10, I believe. And it still wasn’t as good as this.

If only it were healthy. デブになるよ!

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