Recap of Japanese life from January – April 2013


Here’s a hastily edited video to show you a bit of my life the past few months. From January until about the end of April. There was snow, cherry blossom season, a KFC colonel dressed as Goku from Dragonball Z, a YouTube party, and some other stuff. A bit of 6 minutes long.

In the next post will come pictures! But for now, just this one video. And yes, I realize there’s not much Cherry blossom/花見 stuff in that video. I’ll work on something much better for that soon.

One thought on “Recap of Japanese life from January – April 2013”

  1. Those burgers! Aaaaaaaahhhh! I’m… Horrified! 😉

    Also, what was up with the small band on the inflatable boat in that river(let)? Never saw anything like that when I was in Japan. Maybe I just didn’t spend enough time sitting on a bank.

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