Fall TV line up

The past few years, I’ve been watching three shows: Heroes, House and Smallville.

Heroes and House are great, but Smallville has rapidly become a shitfest in recent years. I keep telling myself that I’ll quit watching, but I think this will be the year. Lana is gone, Lex is gone (or will be after a few initial episodes), Clark and Lois (who is awful, btw) are supposed to start having romantic interests in each other.

The only redeeming part of the show is Chloe.  To quote Cosgrove from Freakazoid!, “She’s such a cutie pie.”

The plot, or random elements that are thrown at each other wish superglue, are so non-canon.. it’s just crap. Clark still can’t fly, and yet Doomsday is supposed to be introduced this season?  Clark’s cousin, Supergirl, is now a regular in the show. Brainiac keeps dying but showing up anyway. Lex was an emo douche, just like Clark.  I think if Clark didn’t have such strong skin and resistance to Earth things, he’d get the nearest knife he could find and cut himself.

I think the reason I’ve been watching the show still is because it’s such a trainwreck. But at some pointyou have to stop looking at it and move on.  This will be the year for me to do just that.

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