MTV died years ago

Remember when MTV played full-length music videos?  Or are you so young that you didn’t even know it did that?  If so, get the fuck out. MTV is a joke now. To prove that MTV and all it stands for is even more of a joke, I present to you the European Music Awards. Current nominees for “Best Act Ever” include Britney Spear, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Rick Astley and Tokio Hotel.  As pointed out by Wired’s Listening Post, it’s easy to see that more deserving groups, such as The Rolling Stones are left off the list.

So the stand out of the list is Rick Astley.  Good thing he’s on there, as the EMAs is having an online poll to allow visitors to the site the chance to vote for the winners.  This is great, especially because the site allows for unlimited voting.  So guess who the internet is trying to get to win?

Rick Astley.

Click that link and you’ll be taken to a site that has information (including automated scripts) to allow you to vote automatically an unlimited number of times. The easiest for most people to use will be the RickVoter. Or be like me and open up the link in 5 windows and let it run in the background. In the past 24 hours, I’ve voted for him at least 15,000 times.  Whewps!

I remember when MTV showed videos. Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for music at the time, so I never appreciated the entertainment the channel provided.  But once I became old enough to enjoy listening to new types of music (and not just the oldies I grew up on), MTV had started to cut back on videos and add programming like TRL (which I don’t think I’ve ever heard an entire song played through on air with during that show), Pimp My Ride and various other things that ARE NOT MUSIC VIDEOS!

It’s reminds me of a few weeks ago when I went to watch some cartoons on Cartoon Network and was greeted to Racing Stripes… RACING STRIPES?! What the shit, CN?  You have cartoon in your name, and yet you’re showing things that are not cartoons?

The same thing goes for MTV. Music Television.  It’s supposed to be about the music, not the horrible OC/90210 teen-angst dramas that the network has become known for.

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