Copy editing needed; Nintendo needs to answer questions

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Penny Arcade

A few posts back, I mentioned the need for professionalism in the world of gaming journalism.  I neglected totalk about one of my pet peeves: copy editing. Not a day goes by that I browse the various gaming news sources where I don’t find an error.  The problems range from incorrect word usage (homonyms, incorrect denotation) and comma splices to the inability to spell common words.

I can understand the occasional slip. I mean, large metropolitan newspapers have errors in each issue. But when almost every single post on your site has an error, that reflects sloppiness and laziness, both on the part of the writer and the editors that should be checking the article.

Now onto other gaming news: the new Nintendo DSi. It adds two .3 MP cameras, eliminates the GBA slot, adds music playback (AAC format), enlarges the screen and adds an SD card reader to a. Oh, and in Japan it’ll cost about $50 more than the standard DS Lite.

Now while this sounds cool and all, it brings up some concerns. Is AAC the only format of music that can be played back? With the remove of the GBA slot, what happens to Activision’s Guitar Hero On Tour?  It’s not incompatible with the DSi, as the controller plugs into that now non-existent slot.

The SD memory card will be used to store music, photos and even games from a yet-to-be-shown DS store.  This holds awesome potential.  But wait, what about the DS users that don’t want to re-purchase the system.  Will there be a cheap SD card reader that can be purchased from Nintendo to add the same functionality?

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