Living on the edge of the mirror

Mirror's Edge pic

The Mirror’s Edge demo came out last week.  Now, this is a came I’ve been excited about since it was first unveiled last year.  Well, I finally got a chance to get some time hands-on, and if the rest of the game is as good as the demo, EA will have won itself back into my heart.

ME combines aspects of free running and parkour in a somewhat dystopian society in the future.   “Runners,” athletic couriers, exist and try to remain out of society to help deliver message.  So the demo has you go through some basic training and then has you make one delivery.  So just how fun is jumping from rooftops, kicking open doors and running from the man?  It’s quite fun.

The controls take a few minutes of getting used to, but once you have them down, the demo plays great.

The things that stands out to me right away is just how bright the game is.  Recent FPS games have been nothing but dark with tons of shadowing.  Tons of blacks, grays, and darkly tinted colors.  It’s looks nice and all, but I hate having to turn up the brightness on my TV just to see what I’m doing.  With Mirror’s Edge, you can clearly see thegame environments, which is a wonderful change.

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