Things afoot

So in one month I’ll be halfway across the world and living it up in Japan.  I plan to eat tons of food (melon pan, fugu, sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, tonkotsu, etc.), walk around a lot and burn off some of those calories, and pick up a few gaming-related goods.

I’m trying to figure out what things I may want to pick up for myself.  DS games are an option, as they’re small and not terribly expensive.  But what to get?  Rhythm Tengoku Gold, as that still has no release date in the U.S.  Maybe an old PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 game, I dunno.  Anyone have suggestions?  I’m trying to avoid picking up an entire gaming system, though I am tempted to pick up a Japanese Wii to play some of the games I know won’t ever get released here.

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