I keep coming back

I’ve never been one for the bar or club scene.  It’s always seemed odd to me to have a few drinks, go up to someone, grind against them, then leave with never exchanging a word. Maybe that’s just because I’ve never actually done that. Typically, I have a drink or two, sit in the back with some buddies and chat.  And I can do that at home for a lot less money.

However, this past weekend some friends and I went to a bar that I enjoyed.  The atmosphere was nice, attractive, single women appeared to be plentiful, and my mojito was one the best I’ve ever had.  I do hope I can return.  There establishment has a location not far from where I live, so I may have to see if it has the same ambience as the one I went to near my friends’ house.

And unless I’m ever taught how to properly dance something other than the waltz, foxtrot and Thriller, you won’t still won’t see me out on a dance floor.

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