Joyous holiday season

Just kidding, Merry Christmas.

Last week, company joined my roommate and I.  My mom visited for four nights, his g/f came to town (and is here for another week), and we had some friends over during the weekend.  We ate tons of food and played plenty of games.

The roommate and his g/f cooked up some delicious Korean food Tuesday night.  Some bulkoki and some other dishes were prepared.  Plenty was served up, so there were leftovers for a few days.

My mother and I went out to a Polish restaurant here in Houston.  From the outside, it looks a little shady; however, the inside is quite nice, and very warm.  While I’ve never been to Europe, nor do I have any desire to venture there, the interior felt very homey and very European.  Most people there, staff and patrons alike, spoke the native tongue, and most people seemed to know each other.  My mother is of Polish descent–though not first generation–so it seemed familiar to some places she’s visited and grown up in.  And as a bonus to this, Polish Christmas carols were playing on the radio.

The food, however, wasn’t as good as we had hoped.  That’s not to say it was bad, just not up to par, with the exception of the kielbasa my mom ordered.  I ordered some pierogies.

I received a plate with about 12 on there (I’m used to eating 3 – 4 as a meal).  They were filling, but the food itself seemed to lack flavor.  Perhaps if I go back I would do better to order a different variety of the dish.

Along with this, we ordered an appetizer of the potato pancakes.  A bit too greasy for my liking, and as my mom pointed out, tasted a bit fishy (most likely from frying them in the same grease as fish).

As a gift from me to the roommate, his g/f and my mom, the four of us went out to eat at a rather nice, and nearby, restaurant, Backstreet Cafe.  We spent a few hours dining and chatting, and had a wonderful time.  I must say, the scallops there are wonderful.

A nice treat for myself was playing some videogames with my mom.  I think the last game her and I tried to play together, albeit the game was single-player only, was the first Trauma Center game for the Nintendo DS.  This time, we stepped it up a bit with Braid on the 360, Lumines, Puzzle Fighter II and Hexus HD. While they weren’t all fun for her, it was great to have her at least try them. Oh, and we played some Guitar Hero: World Tour.  She did OK on the drums after a few songs.

Back to food, when we had friends over Saturday night, we found out that the local Taco Cabana is the place to go to pick up guys… if you’re a guy.  So yeah, if you’re gay, go there.  Of course, it has to be around 1 – 3 a.m.

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