I not be dead

Of course it would happen.  I say I plan to update, then life gets in the way and my planned updates get forgotten.  See, as soon as I returned from Japan, I became swamped at work.  But now it’s slow again for a few weeks, so I have time to not think about work.

The holidays are here. Oh, and yes, the sky is going to be blue tomorrow.  I may be stating the obvious, but these things make me happy.  This year, however, the holiday season has snuck up quicker than in years past.  For myself, anyway.  Last year I waited with bated breath for winter to arrive.  This year, I haven’t really given it any thought.

Perhaps I was just too busy this autumn to realize the days were coming to an end for 2008.   My dad’s wedding, a trip to Japan, and a few other things here and there.  But I’m sure there were just as many things going on last year in my life, though perhaps not of the same magnitude.  Or maybe it’s because it’s been so fucking hot here.  On Dec. 20, the high here in my area of Houston got to about 75 degrees.  And you know what?  Tomorrow it’s going to be 46 or so.  The weather in the past two weeks have been pretty screwy.  I mean, we had snow already.

Yes, I said it was hot, and then I mentioned snow.  Let me clarify.  Other than the cold front then and the one coming tomorrow, it’s been about or so here the past month or so, and it sucks.  Hence my distaste for Houston, let alone Texas.  The weather is completely random.

Anyway, this week shall be enjoyable, damn it.  Here at Casa Dufus, I shall play host to a gathering of old Pine Loggers from my college days.  Then my mother shall visit for a few days, which will be the real treat.  And that’s not sarcasm.

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