Leaving so soon

In just a few days, I shall depart for my maiden voyage to Korea, followed by a return visit to Tokyo.  I detailed the details over here.  I must note in advance I probably will not take as many pics in Tokyo as I usually do.  This is because I already know what the city looks like.  Korea may yield some pictures though.

People keep telling me I should join the twitter bandwagon.  I still refuse for a few reasons, detailed below:

  • I hate having a character limit.  I don’t want to be limited to 150 characters per post.
  • I don’t have a means to make updates when I’m not at a computer
  • The site is free for now, thanks to imbutions of angel funding and other sources of money.  At some point it’ll have to be riddled with ads or fees will be charged to use it, which would annoy me.
  • I already have enough distractions.
  • Would I really remember to post on there?

That said, it could be handy to post stuff during my travels in Japan.

Meh, I’m ok with what I have going for now.

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