Dem sum good dim sum

Offended?  Oh well.  I had some dim sum last night with my roommate and his girlfriend.  The last time I had some was spring of 2001.  I definitely won’t wait again to have some. The three of us got stuffed for $30 at dinner time.  I wish all food could be as cheap as what we have in Chinatown.

We dined for an hour or two, then headed out to a nearby dessert store to get some cake.  I picked up the most incredible looking black forest cake.  And the care taken at the place reminded me of what I’d find in Japan.  We picked three different slices for take-out.  The girl helping us pulled out a clear, plastic container to stick them in.  That alone was nice enough, but then she pulled out a branded paper shopping bag to put that in.  It was more extravagant than I expected, but very nice.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures this time, but the next time I dine at one of those I’ll make sure to take some photographs.

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