Silence is broken

Since returning from Panama, work has been non-stop busy.  But the month from hell is just about over, so now I may resume posting.  I’ve found motivation once again to really focus on my Japanese classes, so I’ve been focusing more on that when I’m at home.  Oh, and playing Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV has been a blast thus far.  It’s easy to pick up for a few mins (which oftentimes turns into hours).. sort of like most DS games.  Pick up for a few mins, play, put it back down.  Of course, it takes a huge commitment to become really good at the game.  Lots of precision timing and learning to read opponents is required.

In other news, I’m taking another trip to Japan, this time as part of a group.  Three friends and I will be venturing out to Japan for a week in early June.  Though I’ll be doing something a little extra and taking a trip to Korea a few days before everyone else goes.

Because it’s so complicated to explain, I’ve made this handy chart to show how the flights and dates work out.

Japan-Korea 2009 trip

So yeah, I’ll go to Korea for a few days, eat some dog, fly to Japan, chill out there for a week and act as a horrible translator for the group, then head back to the states whereupon I’ll have post-Japan depression.  I’m always sad to leave Japan.  =(

Speaking of Japan, I had the opportunity recently to hang out with Nabeshin and one of his screenwriters, Haruka.  They are fun to hang out with and very nice people.  I hope I’ll have the opportunity again in the future.  To those that don’t know, Nabeshin is an anime director known for putting himself in the anime he directs, as well as dressing a bit outlandishly.  See image below:

Anime vs. real

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