Sushi party before I left


About two weeks before I moved from Houston to Japan, my roommate had a sushi party for some of his friends from school. Seeing as how I lived with him at the time, I was able to participate, so long as I helped with the cooking and prep. We started around 8 p.m. and finished at 2 a.m. It was six hours of standing and cooking nonstop, but it was a blast.

Unrolled california roll

As some may know, I worked in a few restaurants in the past as a line cook. One of the things I always enjoyed about those jobs was the ability for time to fly by once I got into the “zone” and focused. The same thing happened the night of this party. My roommate prepared sushi while I cooked gyoza. For our 15 or so guests, we probably prepared 100 pieces of gyoza and about 150 pieces of sushi.

All of this, and more, was gone at the end of the night

I’d say it was a success. Below are some more pictures.

Our only accident for the night, a small cut

If you’d like to view all of the pictures, then click here.

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