Eating junk food

As I sit here munching on junk food, I am also writing my post about a workout routine. You see, Rainman has been talking about starting the P90X exercise routine for a few weeks now. That’s cool and all, but he wants me to go through the 90-day program with him.

Say wha?!

After reading through some of the literature, I can understand why. It’s intense with a strict diet and workout schedule to adhere to. Every day. For 90 days. Once he gets all the equipment and things needed for the program, I guess he’ll begin. Or should I say, we’ll begin it. I’m not opposed to exercise. I took a weight training class in college one semester, I’ve done tae kwon do, yoga and more. But this looks to be more than just exercise. It’s more like a lifestyle change. And there are some things I just don’t want to change.

Then again, it would be nice to have some pants fit without feeling like a struggle. I have put on weight since coming back from Japan, so maybe this’ll be good for me.

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  1. GO FOR IT!!! Any change for a better lifestyle is worth trying and you are not doing it alone. Having a buddy always makes it easier to stay on track. Look forward to seeing a leaner, fitter, Chris

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