It’s happening, but first…

KFC goodness?
The goods, waiting to be consumed.

I’ve never really been on a diet. The closest I’ve gotten is giving up various foods for Lent throughout the years. Cookies, barbecue, etc. But being on a true diet (at least for 90 days) with a workout regimen has never been a part of my life. And today, Rainman went out and purchased the various equipments needed for this P90X thing… so I guess it’s gonna happen.

But first, I had to indulge in something I’ve been meaning to try ever since I first heard about it. The KFC Double Down.

Over the course of this past year, I’ve seen real consumer photos of the Double Down and just how awful it really is, but that didn’t deter my mouth from want of consuming one. Wednesday, on the way back home from Academy (sports and outdoors equipment), we made a trip to KFC. I will admit, when I first opened it up when we got home, I was disappointed. It was small. I expected it to be at least 30% bigger!

Look at how shiny it is!
Look at how shiny it is!

I ate the whole thing, and it really wasn’t too bad, but I have two complaints. First, there was not enough bacon. It seemed like one piece of bacon cut in two and laid down on top of the cheese. And two, THAT AWFUL F’ING SAUCE IS CRAP AND NEED TO NEVER BE SERVED WITH ANYTHING AGAIN!

Now, I’m not a fan of condiments in general on most things. I don’t like mustard, mayonnaise, only like ketchup sparingly, don’t like tartar sauce, horse raddish, most salad dressings, etc. This sauce was crap and really brought down the quality (if the DD even had quality to begin with) to a level it should not have been.

Would I eat it again? Yes, as long as it’s possible to order the sandwich without the sauce. Oh, and I tried the original. I mean, if you’re going to try and give yourself a heart attack, why not go for the gold, don’t go for the silver with the grilled chicken double down. Check out the rest of the photos here.

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