This past weekend was my 10-year high school reunion. Over the years, I’ve asked many people I’ve met in life whether or not they enjoyed high school. Myself, I really enjoyed my time there. I don’t recall really being made fun of for my height (though I’m sure it happened a few times). Overall, my memories of those four years are happy and pleasant. It’s unfortunate not everyone can have the same experience, but I digress.

I’ve kept up with many people since then, but there were many people whom I had forgotten about. We met up at a well-known park in town, and hung out for many hours. Food was had, as were many glances at the attractive women who showed up. As luck would have it, most all of them I saw were in relationships.

Afterward, we moved to a bar in downtown to a bar. First off, I was surprised the downtown area of Round Rock, Texas, had several bars, let alone one. The bar wasn’t quite as nice as environment, simply because of the bar itself. The front room was way too crowded, and there was a band playing. The band was nice, but loud, making conversations more of a yelling match. Luckily, there was a backroom with a pool table and much quieter environment.

I played some pool with a friend, talked with some others and had a pleasant time. As I was leaving the bar, I beared witness to some bareness. Between a guy I was friends with in kindergarten and a girl I don’t remember, I saw the following exchange.

Guy: I thought I saw your boob.
Girl: Do you want to see it? *Girl pulls one of her boobs out of her low cut shirt for him (and me!) to see, then places it back in the shirt*

All in all, it was a great time.

Something I learned: Ever since graduation, I thought the graduating class was just over 700 people. But at the reunion I heard many people say it was close to 980. Crazy.

Only thing I somewhat regret from the evening is not talking to a girl whom I kept exchanging glances with. Oh well.

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  1. Glad to hear you had fun. Sorry to hear about the near conversation miss with that girl. I guess there’s always the 20 year reunion to get to know her =P

    I’ll call you sometime soon (or vice versa) to get the low down on what I missed out on.

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