Beach time

My temp contract has been extended four or five times now. It’s nice to have the income, but it’d be nicer to know when my end date would truly be. In the meantime, I continue to look for work on my own, but due to a crap economy, it’s tough.

This past weekend I went to Surfside Beach south of Houston. Hanging out with friends from Houston was a blast. We spent lots of time on the beach (which led to an unpleasant sunburn on my shoulders and collarbone), played some games and ate some amazing steaks. Really, the steaks were some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Our friend went to the store, talked to the butcher and had some custom cut for us. Ribeyes, of course. I mean, is there any other steak that tastes as good? (Well, maybe a hangar steak, but that’s beside the point.)

Each was at least an inch thick and probably 20 – 22 ounces each. I ate mine, half of someone else’s and about one-fourth of another. Needless to say, I was in a food coma for a while, but was incredibly happy.

Hanging out with everyone actually made me miss being in Houston. If anyone can find me a good job out there, I’ll consider moving back. =)

In a month, I’ll be back at a beach, but this time in Panama. Hopefully I’ll put more sunscreen on and won’t end up a rock lobster.

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