Know why the site was started?

I’d say most people don’t know or even remember this, but was started as a place for both Rainman and I to host programming projects we’d come up with. That never really came to fruition, and instead it became an outlet for me to write rants and random things I’d think of. It also became a place for us to do random testing of web scripts and the such.

As you may have noticed, posting by myself has become infrequent as of late. It’s not for lack of want, but I’m not sure what it is I should write that I think would be worth sharing. Sure, I could write and possibly complain about temp job, or tell you what I had for lunch (a small Greek-inspired salad), but I find that material to be rather dull.

I do want to write again, and I do hope to post more often, but I can’t promise any cohesiveness to it.

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