Christmas, it approaches; Thanksgiving, it’s going away

Ho ho ho!

Thanksgiving is coming soon, but Christmas is what I’m writing about today. Oh, and the picture is something I drew¬†Dec. 25, 2004.

So, yes, Christmas. It’s wonderful, because my name is in it. It’s also wonderful because people have commercialized it over the years which means free stuff. That now that I’m an adult, I’m supposed to buy things for others, and frankly, I have no clue what I’ll do for people.

I think my gift to people should be this: I don’t buy you anything because the money you would’ve spent on me is basically negated. Neither one of us gets gifts! OK, I’m not that singy.

I like buying things for people. Buying flowers for a girl (when I have one) just because, or picking up the tab when eating out with friends. That type of thing. Christmas is a fun time, and this year I hope to give some good gifts.

Many retailers are adopting the habit of opening at midnight on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving, for those not in the know). Yes, midnight. Who cares about sleep? Who cares about the fact that it’s a fucking retail job asking you (I suspect many employers mandate that all employees attend) to give up your sleep and time with family? All of this so that companies can sell goods to consumer whores. Now, I’ll admit there are some good deals, but why can’t companies offer them at random times throughout the month, or even the year?

I can’t honestly remember the last time I shopped on this day dreaded by those in the retail industry. I remember working that day at Cinnabon my senior year of high school. It wasn’t too awful. Then again, the only thing I had to do was ring up sales and take money from people. I didn’t have to tell people, “Sorry, we’re out of stock. Don’t beat me, please.”

Every year it seems opening times for retail get pushed up and up. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years Black Friday actually turns into Black Thursday. Yes, that’s right. Those sales will actually start on the day of Thanksgiving. It pretty much has already, now that employees have to show up to work Thursday night for the midnight openings.

One thought on “Christmas, it approaches; Thanksgiving, it’s going away”

  1. I’m getting black Friday offers no matter the time of year. I’m guessing the internet is at fault, because someone heard that black Friday is a huge deal and it attracts customers, and they didn’t bother to check how many black Fridays per year there are. One? That can’t be right. We’ll make our own rules.

    So now, black Friday has become synonymous with a day of great deals and the only criteria is it should be a Friday. Why is it black? Who knows and who cares. We’re going to CYMK-color weeks in every month. One Friday will always be black this way.

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