Gee, I love you too, Amazon

While browsing the web, Amazon thought it'd be a little cheeky


The name I’ve used for more than a decade online is Stupid Dufus. From chatrooms to e-commerce sites, it’s a name i’ve stuck with. There is no true meaning behind the name–it’s simply an amalgamation of two similar words.

Anyway, the name I signed up with at Amazon a long time ago is Stupid Dufus. Because of this, Amazon loves to address me as Stupid. A bit insulting, sure, but also humorous… and on more than one occasion, no less!

A few months ago, I called Amazon up about an order. When looking up my account, I was asked for my name. I said “Chris Valdez.” Apparently that name, despite being used for billing and shipping info, wasn’t correct. After a minute, I realized the name being asked for was Stupid Dufus. The CSR and I both had a good laugh.

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