Let’s chat, shall we?

The following was a conversation that took place the evening of Monday, March 26

xocraziekittyxox: hey you

Chris: hi me?

xocraziekittyxox: heyoo… wanna chat wiht a pissed off single girl?

Chris: DO I?! OF COURSE!

xocraziekittyxox: im sure it seems random but this asshole i was dating cheated on me and i’ve been lookin to have as much fun as i can

xocraziekittyxox: i got ure name from lifestream……..u are?

Chris: i am human

Chris: and male!

Chris: well, last I looked. just a sec

xocraziekittyxox: ahh so where u from?? i’m sittin here bored as hell which can sometimes not be such a good thing 😉

Chris: yup, still male!

xocraziekittyxox: i just been lookin at guys pics on this new dating site i signed up to…….do u have any pics?

Chris: no. cameras usually shatter when taking a pic of me. i think it’s the gods’ way of punishing mortals for taking a picture of such a fine specimen like myself. I’m like Adonis incarnate

xocraziekittyxox: i have sum dirty pics i just uploaded to my new profile to piss my ex-off wanna see?

Chris: seeing as how you have pics, that means your level of beauty doesn’t match mine, for a camera can capture your grotesque figure. I don’t think you’d live up to my standards.

xocraziekittyxox: kk here let me know what u think <web address removed> u might have to make an account to see them i’m not sure but it only takes a second to and it’s all free

Chris: how about you check and then let me know whether I need an account?

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