Words are hard

馬刺し (ばさし basashi), or horse meat sashimi

In a little more than three and a half months, I’ll find out if I get my student visa for study in Japan. In the meantime, things will happen.

  • I’ll write more on here
  • Get back into self-study of Japanese
  • Lose some weight (currently about 20 pounds overweight)
  • Maybe post a video at some point

Now let’s address these one by one.

I’ll write more on here. Considering I don’t really do much these days, surely I can set aside an hour a week to think of something to share, and then sit down and compose that into words. Then again sometimes, as a friend recently said, “words are hard.”

Get back into self-study of Japanese. I really need to. I haven’t studied really since around Thanksgiving. I was doing so well, too! I was up to 400 kanji in “Remembering the Kanji” vol. 1. Now I have to start all over and press onward. Grammar needs to be reviewed as well.

Lose some weight (currently about 20 pounds overweight). While going through my clothes a few nights ago, I noticed I have several pairs of jeans I can no longer fit into. This will not do. I’m currently about 135 or 136 pounds. I really want to drop down to my ideal weight of 115 – 120 lbs. I’m not huge and obese (yet), but I am only 5’1″. So I really shouldn’t be where I am now. I plan to walk at least three nights a week, at least two miles each of those nights. Perhaps I’ll give P90X a try again. I dunno. I hate to sound like a woman (sorry, women!, but if only all this weight didn’t go straight to my thighs…

Maybe post a video at some point. Last week I purchased a Samsung W200 pocket video camera. Think of it as the now-defunct Flip Video. But a bit better. And cheaper! Picked it up from Woot! for only $50. Anyway, I’m trying to think of fun and worthwhile (well, maybe just fun) things to record.

Of course, once I get to Japan, I’ll post up videos of all types of things I come across. In the meantime, it’ll be things here in Texas. I’m open to suggestions for videos, or even things to write about!

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