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Dem sum good dim sum

Offended?  Oh well.  I had some dim sum last night with my roommate and his girlfriend.  The last time I had some was spring of 2001.  I definitely won’t wait again to have some. The three of us got stuffed for $30 at dinner time.  I wish all food could be as cheap as what we have in Chinatown.

We dined for an hour or two, then headed out to a nearby dessert store to get some cake.  I picked up the most incredible looking black forest cake.  And the care taken at the place reminded me of what I’d find in Japan.  We picked three different slices for take-out.  The girl helping us pulled out a clear, plastic container to stick them in.  That alone was nice enough, but then she pulled out a branded paper shopping bag to put that in.  It was more extravagant than I expected, but very nice.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures this time, but the next time I dine at one of those I’ll make sure to take some photographs.

Joyous holiday season

Just kidding, Merry Christmas.

Last week, company joined my roommate and I.  My mom visited for four nights, his g/f came to town (and is here for another week), and we had some friends over during the weekend.  We ate tons of food and played plenty of games.

The roommate and his g/f cooked up some delicious Korean food Tuesday night.  Some bulkoki and some other dishes were prepared.  Plenty was served up, so there were leftovers for a few days.

My mother and I went out to a Polish restaurant here in Houston.  From the outside, it looks a little shady; however, the inside is quite nice, and very warm.  While I’ve never been to Europe, nor do I have any desire to venture there, the interior felt very homey and very European.  Most people there, staff and patrons alike, spoke the native tongue, and most people seemed to know each other.  My mother is of Polish descent–though not first generation–so it seemed familiar to some places she’s visited and grown up in.  And as a bonus to this, Polish Christmas carols were playing on the radio.

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Thanksgiving randoms

  • Tryptophan, present in turkey meat, is not the sole cause of drowsiness after eating a Thanksgiving meal.
  • At 5:30 p.m., I saw people lining up outside several Best Buy store. These stores don’t open till 6 a.m. or so probably, so that’s at least 12 hours on the hard cement so that you can buy some new TV/computer/whatever. Wouldn’t you rather be at home with family?
  • Rick Astley performed his revived hit song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  Rickrolling is more than a year old, people should let it die now.  Seriously. Give it up.
  • This was my last big American meal for a while.

Japan, here I come!

MRE – much repulsive eating

Mmm, MREA few weeks ago I visited my cousins for a night.  We hung out, had some food, chatted, played some games.  Then back at their place they showed me a case of MREs they received back when Hurricane Ike struck the area. I had never seen one in person before, so we opened one up to look at the various things it comes with.

Pics of the contents, and the cooked meal, can be seen by clicking the thumbnail image here or this link.

Containing roughly 1,100 calories,  this rare delicacy contained a beef enchilada, refried beans, Nesté instant coffee, an M&M cookie, non-dairy creamer, sugar, crushed red pepper, two vegetable crackers, picante sauce, cheese spread, gum, napkin, spoon, matches, “beverage base power orange” (a.k.a., Tang), and various other things. My cousins generously gave me this one, and I made it my goal to cook one up and post about it here.

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