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Silence is broken

Since returning from Panama, work has been non-stop busy.  But the month from hell is just about over, so now I may resume posting.  I’ve found motivation once again to really focus on my Japanese classes, so I’ve been focusing more on that when I’m at home.  Oh, and playing Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV has been a blast thus far.  It’s easy to pick up for a few mins (which oftentimes turns into hours).. sort of like most DS games.  Pick up for a few mins, play, put it back down.  Of course, it takes a huge commitment to become really good at the game.  Lots of precision timing and learning to read opponents is required.

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The fight is on, well, almost

Street Fighter IV is set to release in a little more than a week’s time, and I, for one, am pretty excited.  I remember when the original first came out on the SNES.  Some friends picked it up the week of release for something like $70.  We must’ve played it for several weeks before playing another game.

I’m hoping the feeling and nostalgia comes back in a few days when it is released here in the U.S.  And keeping with the tradition, the game is going to cost me some money to get into.  $60 for the game, then $80 x2 for the fighting sticks.  See, I’m picking the game up for the Xbox 360, and there’s no way in hell you can play a serious fighting game with the stock controller Microsoft provides.

The only downside to all of this is that unlike back when SFII was released, most of my friends that would be wanting to play are about three hours away now.  Thankfully there’s online gaming, but that’s nowhere near the same as playing a game in a room with other people cheering you on.  Seriously, something like this just wouldn’t be as cool if it were an online match between two people.

End of Gaming Magazines draws near

Electronic Gaming Monthly, a staple in the videogame world here in North America, has ceased to be.  We all knew it was coming, but some didn’t think it would be as abrupt an end as it was.

I subscribed to EGM for most of the time I was into gaming.  Elementary through high school, then post college when I wrote game reviews.  It had exclusives I wanted to read about, and the quality of writing was so much better than what I find on IGN, Gamespot and Kotaku, places I have ventured before.

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Joyous holiday season

Just kidding, Merry Christmas.

Last week, company joined my roommate and I.  My mom visited for four nights, his g/f came to town (and is here for another week), and we had some friends over during the weekend.  We ate tons of food and played plenty of games.

The roommate and his g/f cooked up some delicious Korean food Tuesday night.  Some bulkoki and some other dishes were prepared.  Plenty was served up, so there were leftovers for a few days.

My mother and I went out to a Polish restaurant here in Houston.  From the outside, it looks a little shady; however, the inside is quite nice, and very warm.  While I’ve never been to Europe, nor do I have any desire to venture there, the interior felt very homey and very European.  Most people there, staff and patrons alike, spoke the native tongue, and most people seemed to know each other.  My mother is of Polish descent–though not first generation–so it seemed familiar to some places she’s visited and grown up in.  And as a bonus to this, Polish Christmas carols were playing on the radio.

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Living on the edge of the mirror

Mirror's Edge pic

The Mirror’s Edge demo came out last week.  Now, this is a came I’ve been excited about since it was first unveiled last year.  Well, I finally got a chance to get some time hands-on, and if the rest of the game is as good as the demo, EA will have won itself back into my heart.

ME combines aspects of free running and parkour in a somewhat dystopian society in the future.   “Runners,” athletic couriers, exist and try to remain out of society to help deliver message.  So the demo has you go through some basic training and then has you make one delivery.  So just how fun is jumping from rooftops, kicking open doors and running from the man?  It’s quite fun.

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Things afoot

So in one month I’ll be halfway across the world and living it up in Japan.  I plan to eat tons of food (melon pan, fugu, sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, tonkotsu, etc.), walk around a lot and burn off some of those calories, and pick up a few gaming-related goods.

I’m trying to figure out what things I may want to pick up for myself.  DS games are an option, as they’re small and not terribly expensive.  But what to get?  Rhythm Tengoku Gold, as that still has no release date in the U.S.  Maybe an old PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 game, I dunno.  Anyone have suggestions?  I’m trying to avoid picking up an entire gaming system, though I am tempted to pick up a Japanese Wii to play some of the games I know won’t ever get released here.