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Promised update about the YouTube party

Here’s the promised video, along with some pics, from the 2012 Tokyo YouTube meet-up in Shibuya, Nov. 3, 2012. There were two “rooms.” One was what you see in the video above, then there was another room where various acts (many musical) performed on stage. Sadly, I didn’t get any footage of that. =(

I was on the fence about going up until I walked out the door, mostly because of the cost of going, but it was well worth it.

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Hooray, I’m unemployed!

My time in the country of the United States of America is coming to an end. With one week left before I get on a plan to Japan, there’s not much left I need to do.

Monday was my last day of work. Now I’m in Houston traveling to see friends and family, then I head to Nacogdoches to see more friends and family, then on Monday I return to the Austin area… for a very busy day.

Four-hour drive to Austin, then pack, then go to a Ben Folds Five concert, then do laundry, finish packing, take a shower, go to the airport… and maybe take a nap somewhere in there. The flight is at 5:50 a.m., so I’m thinking I may have to wait until I’m on the plane for rest.

I may post again before I go. Let’s see! Hopefully there’ll be a picture or something next time to go with the post here.

Oh, and to my peeps from the TG, welcome, and thanks for the going away party!

Excuse me, have you seen my…

Whenever a message goes out at work saying, “<item> found in woman’s restroom” I want to respond and say it’s mine. I don’t think it’d go over well here.

A few weeks ago Evo took place in Las Vegas. Again, I didn’t go, but I watched most of the 3-day event online. Games played this year included Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition version 2012 (yes, that’s the full name), Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Soul Calibur 5, King of Fighters XIII, Super Street Fighter II Turbo and a few other games I didn’t care about. It’s always fascinating to me the level of skill required to play one of these games at a competitive level.

It’s not just mashing buttons. Do that and you’ll quickly lose against an experienced player. The game requires precise execution of commands, knowledge of match-ups and a good understanding of frame data. Frame data is knowing how many frames of animation it takes for a move to execute, complete and then recover.

I’ve never been superb at fighting games, but when Street Fighter IV came out in 2009, I put in quite a bit of time with the game. I got better than several people I knew, came in second at a very small tournament at my old college and had fun with it. Then everyone else in the world got better and I stopped playing.